Best Virtual Assistant Platforms for Flexible Work

Need a fulfilling job that works around your family’s schedule? Explore the world of virtual assistant platforms and find flexible work opportunities.

virtual assistant platforms

Motherhood is demanding enough – finding a traditional job that fits your schedule can feel overwhelming. Virtual assistant platforms offer a solution, providing flexible work-from-home opportunities and letting you earn income on your terms. Let’s dive into the best platforms for finding mom-friendly VA work!

What is a Virtual Assistant (And Why This Job Rocks for Moms)

A virtual assistant (VA) provides administrative, creative, or technical support to businesses and individuals remotely. Think of it like a remote personal assistant who handles tasks ranging from email management and social media to bookkeeping and customer service.

With this flexible work-from-home model, moms can set their own hours and create a work-life balance that fits their families’ needs. Finding the right virtual assistant platform is key to landing the best gigs.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

While no specific degree is required, virtual assistants (VAs) generally possess strong organizational skills, excellent communication, and tech savviness. Here’s how to get started on your VA journey.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant
  • Assess Your Skills: What are you good at? Admin tasks, social media, writing, etc. Match these to in-demand VA services.
  • Consider Training: Free and paid courses can boost your skills and confidence. Look for those specializing in virtual assistance.
  • Set Up Your Workspace: A quiet home office area with a reliable computer and internet is essential.
  • Build a Portfolio: Even small projects (volunteer work, helping friends) demonstrate your abilities.
  • Market Yourself: Create a website or profile on VA platforms, highlighting your skills and availability. Network with other VAs for referrals and support.

Review of Top Virtual Assistant Platforms

Choosing the right virtual assistant platform is key to landing the best gigs and building a flexible career. Let’s dive into some top options, each offering unique advantages depending on your skills and experience level.

Platform: Boldly

Boldly, one of the top Virtual Assistant Platforms
  • Snapshot: A premium platform connecting experienced virtual assistants with long-term, fractional clients. Ideal for VAs seeking stability and high-level work.
  • Focus: Executive assistant positions demanding strong skills and experience. Potential for specialization based on your background.
  • Process: Personalized matching and pre-placement interviews ensure a good fit for both you and the client. Provides an opportunity to choose clients you’re excited to support.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: W2 employment with benefits offers security. Focus on long-term partnerships means less frequent job hunting.

Platform: PeoplePerHour

Work as a VA with PeoplePerHour
  • Snapshot: A platform connecting freelancers with clients seeking hourly or project-based work. Offers potential for both short-term gigs and longer-term collaborations.
  • Focus: Wide variety of work, including administrative, creative, and technical tasks. Certification program adds a layer of legitimacy for VAs with proven skills.
  • Process: Application process with manual review aims to ensure quality. Profile building is key, as clients browse them when choosing freelancers.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential to build lasting client relationships. AI matching system surfaces relevant projects based on your profile.

Platform: Aethena

Become a Virtual Assistant with Athena
  • Snapshot: A premium platform matching skilled assistants with high-profile CEOs, founders, and executives. A good option for experienced VAs seeking demanding, long-term roles.
  • Focus: Emphasis on delegation mastery and supporting top-level clients. Training provided to enhance VA skills.
  • Process: Likely involves a rigorous application process to ensure quality matches. Profile likely plays a key role in the matching system.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential to work with high-impact clients. Focus on growth, training, and community support. Competitive compensation.

Platform: Wing Jobs

Wing Jobs- Best Virtual Assistant Platforms
  • Snapshot: A platform connecting virtual assistants with varied remote positions worldwide (with some US-only roles). Potential for both short and long-term work.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with diverse skills for a broader range of clients. Emphasis on job security and competitive pay.
  • Process: Application process likely standard, with the potential for simulations or skills assessments. Company culture appears positive based on testimonials.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Remote work flexibility is a key selling point. Focus on growth, performance reviews, and incentives.

Platform: Wishup

Wishup- Virtual Assistant Jobs
  • Snapshot: A platform specializing in remote virtual assistant positions with a focus on international clients. Good option for VAs seeking growth opportunities and above-average pay.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with diverse skills for a variety of remote roles. Emphasis on salary, bonuses, training, and company culture.
  • Process: Application followed by a two-stage screening process. Successful candidates receive paid training to enhance their skills.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for higher earnings, focus on skill development, and exposure to diverse clients and work practices.

Platform: Remote Coworker

Remote Coworker: where to get a virtual assistant job
  • Snapshot: A platform specializing in matching clients with Filipino virtual assistants. Emphasis on training with a focus on CPAs and accounting-related tasks.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with financial or accounting skills. Likely a good fit for clients seeking niche expertise.
  • Process: Application process likely involves skills assessments to ensure the right fit for both the client and VA.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for specialized training to enhance skills and command higher rates. Company’s longevity and established roots offer a sense of stability.

Platform: EVA

Eva Legal Virtual Assistant
  • Snapshot: A US-based platform specializing in matching clients with experienced Executive and Legal Virtual Assistants. Focus is on professionalism and high-caliber support.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with 5+ years of relevant experience and a strong work ethic. Ideal for clients seeking specialized support in demanding fields.
  • Process: Application emphasizes background and likely involves assessments to ensure skill level. Pay is hourly, starting at $20/hr with potential for increases.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for higher-than-average rates due to niche expertise. Company emphasis on professionalism and success. Part-time flexibility is offered.

Platform: VaVa Virtual Assistants

vava virtual assistants jobs
  • Snapshot: A US-based platform connecting freelance virtual assistants with clients across administrative, social media, finance, sales, and web development roles. Offers resources to enhance VA skills.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with diverse skills seeking the flexibility of freelance work without having to find their own clients.
  • Process: Application process likely tailored to the chosen job category. Company emphasis on professionalism and avoiding job scams.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Variety of potential roles. Resource offerings can help both new and experienced VAs succeed.

Platform: Hello Rache

HelloRache VA Philippines
  • Snapshot: A platform specializing in matching Filipino medical professionals (nurses, medical transcriptionists, etc.) with US-based healthcare clients. Offers free training and certification.
  • Focus: Attracting Filipino VAs with healthcare experience seeking long-term, niche work for US doctors and medical offices.
  • Process: Application emphasizes qualifications, likely followed by assessments and background checks. Training is provided before placement.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for high pay rates in a specialized field. Company’s longevity and established client base. Emphasis on community and support.

Platform: Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel VA Work
  • Snapshot: A platform connecting virtual assistants with clients, with a focus on experienced VAs. Also open to those with transferable skills from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs seeking diverse work opportunities. Process appears streamlined with an emphasis on matching VAs with the right clients.
  • Process: Applications are submitted through job postings for specific roles. Company may reach out proactively for future opportunities if there’s a good fit.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for quick placement due to focus on experienced VAs. Openness to transferable skills expands the pool of potential applicants.

Platform: 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Join 24/7 Virtual Assistants
  • Snapshot: A platform providing virtual assistant services to clients worldwide. Their website language suggests they hire VAs as employees rather than independent contractors.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with strong communication skills (both written and verbal) and at least 2 years of customer support or administrative experience.
  • Process: Applications are likely submitted through the “Apply Now” form. Emphasis on team collaboration suggests a company culture focused on support.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for steady work as an employee of the company. The focus on teamwork could be a draw for those seeking a sense of community.

Platform: BELAY

Belay Jobs
  • Snapshot: A platform matching experienced Virtual Assistants, Bookkeepers, and Social Media Managers with clients. They hire contractors for remote roles.
  • Focus: Attracting seasoned professionals seeking flexible, work-from-home opportunities. Emphasis on company culture and work/life balance.
  • Process: Applications are submitted through the website. The assessment process is designed to ensure a good fit for both the contractor and client.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for long-term client relationships. The company’s positive reputation and awards are a draw. Focus on work/life balance is appealing for moms.

Platform: Fancy Hands

FancyHands Jobs
  • Snapshot: A platform offering on-demand virtual assistant tasks to clients. Hires remote assistants to handle client requests.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with strong communication skills, internet research abilities, and a self-starter attitude. The variety of tasks offers flexibility and learning opportunities.
  • Process: Applications are likely submitted through their website. The emphasis on written communication suggests potential assessments to gauge skills.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Task-based pay structure allows for flexibility. Potential for growth within the company is mentioned.

Platform: VA Staffer

Work with VA Staffer Platform
  • Snapshot: A platform matching experienced virtual assistants with clients, specializing in marketing-related tasks. Offers both remote and in-office positions in the Philippines.
  • Focus: Attracting VAs with strong English skills, marketing proficiency, and a positive attitude. Emphasis on long-term work and career development.
  • Process: Applications are likely submitted through their website. The platform seems to prioritize finding VAs that align perfectly with their clients’ needs.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential for long-term client relationships and career advancement within the company. The focus on marketing specialization could command higher rates.

Platform: Time Etc

Time Etc Jobs for flexible Virtual Assistants
  • Snapshot: A platform matching experienced freelance virtual assistants with high-profile clients, often entrepreneurs. Also offers full-time, in-house positions at their UK headquarters.
  • Focus: Attracting seasoned VAs (5-8 years experience) seeking long-term freelance work with demanding clients. Company culture focused on professionalism and support.
  • Process: Applications are submitted through the website with an emphasis on relevant experience. Free task trial for clients highlights confidence in their VA quality.
  • Why It’s Appealing for VAs: Potential to work with exciting clients. Positive Glassdoor reviews. Company’s Great Place to Work certification. Option for HQ employment for those in the UK.

How to Choose the Right VA Platform

Choosing the right virtual assistant (VA) platform is key for both aspiring VAs and those seeking help. Consider factors like payment structures, the types of clients served, support offered, and whether there’s a sense of community. Additionally, prioritize platforms with strong security and privacy features. This ensures your data and client information stays protected.

Tips for Thriving on Virtual Assistant Platforms

Finding success on virtual assistant platforms requires a strategic approach. Craft a compelling profile showcasing your expertise and experience. To excel at managing multiple clients, stay organized with tools and prioritize effectively. Embrace ongoing learning to keep your skills sharp and remain a top choice for clients on these platforms.

Tips for Thriving on Virtual Assistant Platforms

Key Actions for VA Success:

  • Invest time in a standout profile.
  • Utilize organization and time management systems.
  • Seek out training and skill development opportunities.

Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Virtual assistant work, like any career path, comes with potential obstacles. Common challenges include feeling isolated, struggling with time management, or encountering difficult clients. However, proactive planning can help minimize these hurdles.

To combat isolation, seek out VA communities and build a support network. Implement strong time management systems to stay on track. To navigate difficult clients, focus on clear communication, set boundaries, and don’t be afraid to seek guidance from your platform if needed.

Find Your Ideal Virtual Assistant Platform

Virtual assistant work offers incredible flexibility and income potential for moms. The right virtual assistant platform can be a launchpad for a fulfilling and adaptable career. As you begin your journey, carefully consider your skills, interests, and desired work-life balance. This will help you choose the platform that best aligns with your goals.

Have you already started working as a virtual assistant? Please share your experiences in the comments! Let’s support each other on this path to flexible, fulfilling work.

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